In 2016, Shash Jaa (Bears Ears) became a National Monument to preserve the rich cultural history dating back thousands of years. The Bureau of Land Management and the US Forest Service Agencies manage the 1.35 million acres. The status of Bears Ears as a National monument received national attention in 2017 as the original boundaries of the Monument land were reduced by 85%.


Sunrise Outfitting- Scenic Adventures is one of a few tour operators in Bears Ears and Indian Creek National Monument, and we take our tours to the next level. These vast monuments are isolated and difficult to reach for those without experience. Our client’s experience is exhilarating as they encounter user-friendly trails. For some, this is their first interaction with Utah's scenery.


Others are excited at the challenge of using off-road OHV side-by-side machines for the first time. Everyone walks away with significant awe and desire to experience more of what Utah has to offer.