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Explore the hidden treasures of the Bears Ears region with Sunrise Outfitting - Scenic Adventures. As a lifelong local and outdoor enthusiast, I know plenty of great trails and the best hidden spots. Join one of my guided tours and get ready for an unforgettable experience. If you’d like to design your own tour, get in touch directly and I will be more than happy to work with your requests.

Sunrise Outfitting - Scenic Adventures

Ready to change your world? Sunrise Outfitting - Scenic Adventures is more than your average Tour Guide. I’m here to show you a new and exciting way to explore new destinations. Whether you’re looking for a private tour or would like to join an organized experience with other travelers, I want you to have fun while learning something new about the world. Keep reading to learn more about available packages and get in touch with any questions.


Tour Packages

Adventure Awaits

Sunrise Outfitting - Scenic Adventures offers a variety of tour packages, all promising that added personal touch. We specialize in U-Drive tours (AKA You Drive Tours).  We use Kawasaki Teryx, 4 seater side by sides.  I currently have two machines, one I will drive, which provides 3 seats, and the second is available for you to drive.  That is 7 seats total.  My trips deliver a truly knowledgeable and authentic travel experience. Take a look at the tour packages I offer below, and get in touch if you would like to learn how you can book a tour with me today.

Half-day tours (up to 4 hours) - - - - - $250 /machine (+tax)

HALF-DAY TOURS: Do you only have a few hours, but want to see some amazing things and have a great time doing it? These tours are perfect for you. We can meet up and take off well into the afternoon. Even if you are sitting in your Hotel Room for the evening, but still have energy; we can take these rides and enjoy spectacular sunsets.

Very short and simple in terms of trail riding.  But the history and sites are astounding.  You'll see modern day historical sites, a fabulous Anasazi dwelling, and a petroglyph panel that is hard to match.


Visit some really impressive Anasazi sites as well learn about ancient history and modern history events that shaped this beautiful country.  Enjoy a short and simple ride, or choose between a few different options to get more immersed.


Other half day trips available: Butler Trail Rides & Table of the Suns

Full-day tours (4+ hours) - - - - - $425 /machine (+tax)

FULL-DAY TOURS: There are millions of acres to see and enjoy. If you decide to spend the whole day with us, you will not be disappointed. We have amazing canyons, beautiful scenery, Ancient Dwellings, and remarkable settlement history. Pack a lunch and get yourself fully immersed.


Just an overall lovely ride.  Some moderately technical spots.  Some overlooks.  And a few Indian ruins as well.


A simple and fun ride.  There is an old Missile left along the trail.  At the right time of year, there is some fun swimming holes and waterfalls for an added adventure.  (A long portion of the day is taken just getting to and from.)


Old mining roads can take you to some very fascinating locations.  Take in 360 degrees worth of views of the Jacob's Chair monolith.  Enjoy wide open views that seem to go forever, while driving an exciting trail.


Adventure different trails in a desert region.  If conditions are right, we can cross the sand hill and get to Mancos Mesa.  If not, then there are many little roads and trails in the area  (A long portion of the day is taken just getting to and from.)


Other full day trips available: John's Canyon, Bear's Ears, Piute Pass, Hook and Ladder, & Behind the Rocks


This ride has breath taking views.  Overlook a beautiful canyon and take in the intense circumstances of ancient civilizations.  

Several unbelievable lookouts.  Each lookout will show you amazing structures from a previous time period.  Other sites will put you right on the front porch of history.  (Some short hikes required.)

My favorite ride.  Amazing scenery.  Fascinating architecture of the past.  Running water.  Cool temperatures.  All around a great ride

This is the most technical ride I offer.  The first half of the trip is loaded with rock climbing.  No need to fear, we will help spot your driving to ensure your safety.  Throughout the loop, we stop and see many sites of interest.  

Multi Day Trips / Bring Your Own Machine

We strive to accommodate to our visitor's needs as much as we can.  We can put together package deals that are sure to be satisfying to your party.  Call us today and we will discuss your picture of the perfect trip and we can determine the price accordingly.


Where side by sides can't go, you can often find a beautiful labrynth of amazing artwork completed by Mother Nature.  As canyons are carved deep into the Navajo slick rock, they wind and turn in fantastic ways. 

Moab Adventures

If you're more interested in the high adrenaline and technical rock climbs that you've heard about from Moab, contact Moab Cowboy.  They'll serve you up an unforgettable experience as well.


With the creation of the Shash Jaa (Bears Ears) National Monument and Indian Creek National Monument there is a lot of intrigue with the area.  These monuments and the surrounding areas are not your typical National Monuments with small, specific things to see; rather they are very large and remote.  There is no wonder this area has gained increased attention, but much of the numberless things to see and do are extremely isolated and difficult to access.  We can provide that access.

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